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Upcoming District Meetings:


June 9, 2014
MACDC Northeast District Meeting | Agenda

9:30 a.m.

Caseville Eagles Club – 7017 E. Park Street, Caseville, MI
Caseville, MI




President's Message


Douglas D. Enos, Midland County Drain Commissioner


Well, one year completed as president and it’s been a busy year. The passage of Drain Code bills changing the way that lands are added to or deleted from a Drainage District and the deletion of the old condemnation procedure have been significant events.


Certainly the most contentious, time consuming, and far-reaching changes in the past year involved the Act 98 changes to Parts 301 and 303 of Act 451 (Inland Lakes and Streams and Wetlands). This act has changed some of the Drain Commissioner’s exemptions under Parts 301 and 303 and has created a new General Permit process for some activities. We will, no doubt, experience some growing pains as this new process is rolled out.


Several court cases have been decided in the last year. Some add to our understanding about Drain Code procedures and some may confuse an issue, leading to a request for further legislative action. Still other decisions are under appeal at a higher level.


I expect that this year will be equally as challenging and busy as the last one has been. Hopefully, we can continue to work together to meet whatever challenges and opportunities the future may hold.


I am humbled to be serving as your president and am anxious to see what lies ahead. Thank you to all those individuals who continue to help move this organization forward.