MACDC Applauds Michigan Infrastructure Commission Recommendations

Last week Governor Snyder presented the recommendations made in the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission report. The full report is available here.  

“MACDC supports this infrastructure investment, enabling legislation to allow local units of government a better toolkit to make locally appropriate choices for addressing local or regional drainage issues, stated Evan Pratt, Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner who also serves on the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission. “We look forward to working with MDEQ, MDARD, Farm Bureau, County Road Commissions and the many other important stakeholders to make sure they have the right tools to take locally appropriate action.”
“Our members serve almost 80% of the state’s population and have a long history of collaboration with stakeholders to ensure taxpayers’ needs are met in the most cost-effective manner,” stated MACDC President Roger Zilke.
The commission held public listening sessions around the state and interacted with hundreds of community leaders and interested residents both in person and electronically. Many of their comments have been incorporated into the 110 recommendations made by the commission in the areas of water, transportation, energy and communication infrastructure, as well as the development of a statewide infrastructure asset management system and recommendations on how to fund infrastructure that is equitable and protects our most vulnerable residents. The recommendations also provide for better coordination in the planning, construction and maintenance of all infrastructure types as well as making investments that will lead to improved public and environmental health.